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Lübeck -  Queen of the Hanseatic League

Lübeck is fascinating and inspiring! Whether you're a local or a visitor, anyone who's been here once and visited the old town island will remember it forever and be delighted to return. Behind every corner and facade you'll discover unique stories that trace the development of this beautiful Hanseatic city. Viewed from afar, its seven-steeple skyline is unmistakeable and majestic, but on a second glance, it has something playful and tender about it. Lübeck truly has a lot to offer its visitors. Are you a fan of brick Gothic, marzipan or rotspon, or of buildings such as the townhall, the Holsten Gate or the various Lübeck churches like the cathedral or St. Mary's? Are you interested in fascinating stories about merchants, artisans, bishops and seafarers? If so, you will not be disappointed! Of course we can't forget our unique, hidden-away alleys and courtyards, which all have their own stories...
Fun, humorous, cultural and enchanting - with our city tours and excursions you will experience wonderful moments and create lasting memories...both during the day and at night.

With a professional team of around 80 qualified tour guides from the Lübeck Tour Guide Association (trained in accordance with standards of the Federal Association of Tour Guides Germany) and their extensive knowledge and wealth of experience, we offer you tailored programmes packed with memorable experiences, moments and emotions based on your wishes and desires.

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