Day Tours & Excursions

In addition to visiting the many attractions of our beautiful Hanseatic city, we also offer the following excursions to help you get to know other wonderful parts of northern Germany:

Holstein Switzerland

Eutin/Bad Malente/Plön

On this trip through the charming landscape of Holstein Switzerland you'll get to see the Romanesque Basilica of Altenkrempe, the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval church of eastern Holstein. We'll then head to the rose city Eutin, the town of Carl Maria von Webers. Visit the castle or simply enjoy a tour through the castle grounds. From Eutin we'll set off for Bad Malente, where we'll take a five-lake boat ride. Discover the diversity and beauty of the lakes on this boat trip, which ends in Plön. Plön is surrounded by twelve lakes, which give the town a very special feel. Even the castle, which has belonged to the Fielmann Academy since 2002, is a great place for a stroll, and the Widow's Palace is worth a visit.

approx. 6 hours
200.00€ net per Group, with your own bus
In a foreign langauge (Other languages available)

Plus Ship fees

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.



Rostock/Wismar/Bad Doberan

"When God created the world, he started with Mecklenburg," wrote Fritz Reuter in his book. Find out for yourself on a trip through wide fields and romantic tree-lined roads if he was right.
The tour will take you to Rostock and Bad Doberan, where you can visit the cathedral. From there we'll take a detour to Heiligendamm, and then continue on the narrow-gauge railway "Molli" to Kühlungsborn. Next we'll head to the Hanseatic city of Wismar. On a city tour you'll see that there is evidence of a rich past here as well. This, along with the town's port, is what creates such a special atmosphere. We'll then travel back to Lübeck along the coast through the Klützer Winkel and Dassow.


approx. 8 hours
250.00€ net per Group, with your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

Plus admission and Molli fees

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additinal 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.

The Old Salt Route


In addition to many other goods, salt from Lüneburg was also transported to Lübeck along military and trade routes. The name "Salt Route" was never mentioned in documents. It was actually referred to as the "Holy Roman Imperial Free Route". It was one of the oldest trade routes in northern Europe. From Lübeck it runs through Ratzeburg to Mölln, the town of Till Eulenspiegel, which was under Lübeck's rule until into the 17th century. It then runs through delightful landscapes to Lauenburg, the three-state city (Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein). Here you can stop to look at the ship lift, or simply continue right on to beautiful Lüneburg.


approx. 10 hours
300.00€ net per Group with your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.

Manor Houses in Eastern Holstein

Be the guest of counts, dukes and princes on our manor house tour through the charming landscape of eastern Holstein. From Lübeck we'll head towards Petersdorf Manor, and then to Güldenstein Palace (Duke of Oldenburg). After a walk through the palace grounds, the tour will then take you to one of the most beautiful manors of Holstein, Panker Palace, which belonged to Prince Moritz of Hessen. Here you'll stop for lunch at the restaurant "Ole Liese". Afterwards we'll take you to visit the Kletkamp and Hasselburg manors, before making our way back to Lübeck.


approx. 8 hours
250.00€ net per group, in your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

exkl. Entrance fee & foodcosts

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.

A Perfect Day in Lübeck

Spend an entire day in our beautiful Hanseatic city and combine various activities from our extensive offer. For example:

  • From the Holsten Gate Museum to the Townhall: learn everything about Lübeck's role as the most important trade centre in the Baltic Sea region and as the former centre of power of Hanseatic merchants.
  • The Cathedral and St. Anne's Quarter: see the former sovereign territory of the cathedral canons at Lübeck's oldest church, as well as Germany's most significant collection of medieval carved altarpieces up close.
  • From the Behnhaus/Drägerhaus Museum through the Bürgergärten to the Hospital of the Holy Spirit: you'll start your walking tour in the museum of the two merchants' houses and then discover a tranquil green paradise in the Bürgergärten (gardens) right in the heart of Lübeck's old town.
  • The Maritime Day: begins with breakfast on the Trave with a view over Lübeck's old town. Afterwards the tour will take you through the old town's seafarers' quarter where you'll enjoy a fish sandwich as a midday snack. Next you'll head through the founding quarter by boat, following the Trave to reach its mouth, and then on to Travemünde. Here you'll see, for example, Europe's largest ferry terminal (Terminal Skandinavienkai) as well as the four-masted barque "Passat" from the water. You can then enjoy coffee and cake high "above the clouds" in the restaurant of the same name at the Maritim Hotel (roughly 115m high). After a stroll through Travemünde, we'll head back to Lübeck where you can look back over the day while having a cosy meal in, for example, the historical wine cellar.
  • The Hanseatic Day: begins with a walking tour through the old town of the Hanseatic city, as well as the townhall. After lunch in a traditional, Hanseatic atmosphere, for example at the "Schiffergesellschaft" restaurant, we'll finish up at the Hansemuseum where you'll receive wonderful insight into the origins and development of the Hanseatic League.

can be induvidual combined
on request and can be combined
in a foreign language

Other available languages:

A Long Weekend in Lübeck & Northern Germany

Day 1: Lübeck & Travemünde

When your group arrives you will be greeted by our guide and then taken on a discovery tour through Lübeck's old town. This is a trip around the old town in your bus - you will pass the Holsten Gate and cathedral, and get a wonderful look at the seven churchtowers. You'll then be taken on a walking tour on which you'll learn some things about the Queen of the Hanseatic League's rich history, as well as some of the city's testimonies of past times, such as the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, St. Jacob's Church, the townhall and the alleys of the old town (lasts about 1.5 hours). Before travelling to Travemünde by boat, visitors will have time for a lunch break / free time. While on the Trave heading to Travemünde, you'll pass nature reserves, the thatched fishermen's houses of Gothmund, various port facilities, and of course the Skandinavienkai, Europe's largest ferry terminal. On a short walking tour through Travemünde, visitors will get an impression of the beauty of this seaside resort. Afterwards you'll still have a little time to walk around and have a look at the ferry activity. We'll then head back to the hotel in your bus.


approx. 5 hours
€175.00 per group, with your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

zzgl. cruisecosts and foodcosts

Day 2: Wismar & Schwerin

From Lübeck we'll head towards Wismar, passing Boltenhagen. On a walking tour of Wismar you'll see, among other things, one of northern Germany's largest market places. Apart from its countless historical buildings, Wismar is also known for its special port city atmosphere. This is folllowed by a lunch break / free time in Wismar. In the early afternoon, we'll drive through beautiful Mecklenburg with its rolling hills and wide fields to the state's capital, Schwerin. The Baroque Schwerin Castle, which is surrounded by lakes but is nevertheless very central, is visible from afar. Next is a tour through the town, followed by a coffee break. Then back to Lübeck.


approx. 8 hours
250.00€ net per group, with your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

additional costs at Schwerin castle

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additioanl 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.

Day 3: Ratzeburg, Mölln & Lüneburg

The tour follows the Old Salt Route to the cathedral city of Ratzeburg. After visiting the old Ratzeburg cathedral, the tour continues on to the town of Mölln, where your group will pay a visit to Till Eulenspiegel and enjoy a lunch break. We will then continue down the Old Salt Route to
Lüneburg. The 1.5 hour city tour through the old town doesn't just include filming locations of the TV series Rote Rosen - you'll also see locals' favourite haunts. During the coffe break / free time after this tour, your group can enjoy the feel of this town which has remained young at heart.

approx. 8 hours
250.00€ net per group, with your own bus
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

Net price is for cashpayment For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.


ATTENTION: All daily programmes can be booked individually and combined in various ways!
We also offer visits to Hamburg, Rügen and Stralsund, as well as other tours. Don't hesitate to contact us.