Nightwatchman & Co

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck appears in a whole new and mysterious splendour at night. For this special occasion, we offer you impressive night watchman tours. Immerse yourself in a historical journey through time at night and experience an exciting round trip through history with residents of the old city. In spite of the darkness, you can learn about life and work in the Middle Ages in a humorous way. Learn about customs and traditions, beliefs and superstitions.

Historical journey through time with nightwatchman & Co.

In the evening, when it gets dark, there are quite a few figures out and about in the streets of Lübeck. Hear stories about thieves, dishonest merchants and other criminals. Join the nightwatch! Let our costumed guides take you authentically into medieval Lübeck and the life, customs and customs of the inhabitants of our beautiful Hanseatic city at that time.

approx. 1,5 hours
1 - 20 people, 155,00€ net  per group
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.