Costume Tours

On special occasions we offer an interesting range of costumed tours. Immerse yourself in another era and experience an exciting tour of history with residents of the old town. Learn about work and life in the Middle Ages in a fun and humorous way. Get to know past customs and traditions, faith and superstition.

* You'll find the dates of our public costume tours at the bottom of this page or by clicking on the following link.

Mrs Alsheyde

Creepy legends and stories, trickery and spine-chilling tales. From the fortress right into Lübeck's artisans' quarter - with Mrs Alsheyde you'll learn about the Dark Ages, blue Mondays and tales that aren't for the faint-hearted.

Dr Grabow, the Buddenbrooks' family doctor

Dr Grabow, from the novel "Buddenbrook", is a well-known Lübeck personality. He doesn't just know the families - as a doctor he is often out and about in the city's streets, alleys and hidden corners. He can therefore tell you a lot about its citizens and their secrets.

Marikke Wilken

Since her husband died, Marikke has been running a successful brewery. Why is brewing women's business? What do bread baking and brewing have in common and why don't liquids break one's fast? Marikke Wilken, a widowed brewer, will answer all your questions abour brewing beer in the Middle Ages on her tour through the old town.

J.J. van Wijck

Jan Janszoon van Wijk, the Dutch merchant and captain of the "Zeeleeuw", was frequently stranded in Lübeck due to harsh winters in the middle of the 17th century. He knows the dock area like the back of his hand, and that's saying nothing of his knowledge in other areas...

Rieke Westphal

The family of the master baker Johannes Westphal is originally from Braunschweig. They resettled a long time ago and the blame lies with none other than Till Eulenspiegel. It would be best if this "disgrace" remained secret, but Rieke simply enjoys talking and...find out for yourself...

Anne Persdotter

Anne Persdotter moved twice to Lübeck from her hometown Kalmar. After a forced marriage at age 14, she was already a widow at 26 and married a second time. Business was going well before the Victual Brothers, with Claus Störtebecker leading the way, made trouble on the Baltic Sea...but it'd be best if Anne told you about that herself.

C. Hasenkamp

Katharina Hasenkamp doesn't have an easy life. She grew up in an orphanage and then devoted herself to working as a housemaid for her masters. With the arrival of the French, things became even harder in Lübeck. She will happily tell you about that and how people lived in the alleys of the city. Perhaps she'll also reveal her greatest secret, which sadly might soon spell her doom if no knight in shining armour appears.

Brother Bartholomew

Mendicants of the Franciscans were among the first inhabitants of Lübeck. One of them, Brother Bartholomew, on a walk past former dwellings for nuns and monks, can tell you all about their good - and sometimes not so good - deeds.

Kathrein von derer zu Kannenbruch

Experience old Lübeck with the squire's wife Kathrein. Disowned by her parents, the cloth merchant's daughter Kathrein will take you on (fateful) routes through lanes and alleys around the Koberg.

Käthe Dorsch

As soon as the fisherman arrives on land with the catch of the day, the fisherwoman packs the fish into her woven basket and brings them to Lübeck where she delivers them directly to guest- and merchants' houses. After so many errands in the old town, Käthe probably knows the lanes and houses of Lübeck better than some of the locals...and she also always has a few salted herrings on her...

Antonie Permander

Shaken by life, but not broken by it - Antonie Permander, the youngest of the Buddenbrooks, talks about the life of her family with a sharp tongue.

approx. 1,5 hours
1 - 25 people, 130,00€ net  per group
In a foreign language (Other languages available)

Net price is for cashpayment. For invoice additional 5,00€ invoicefee and 19% vat.


* Please indicate your preferred character when making your booking. We will then check availability and either confirm with you or suggest a substitute.

Dates of Public Tours

On the following dates we offer you the opportunity to either participate individually or in a small group in a costume tour through Lübeck`s Lanes and courtyards:

  • 30.03.18 Friday 19:00
  • 13.04.18 Friday 19:00
  • 27.04.18 Friday 19:00
  • 04.05.18 Friday 19:00
  • 11.05.18 Friday 19:00 
  • 18.05.18 Friday 19:00
  • 25.05.18 Friday 19:00
  • 01.06.18 Friday 19:00 
  • 15.06.18 Friday 19:00
  • 29.06.18 Friday 19:00
  • 13.07.18 Friday 19:00
  • 27.07.18 Friday 19:00
  • 03.08.18 Friday 19:00
  • 17.08.18 Friday 19:00
  • 31.08.18 Friday 19:00
  • 07.09.18 Friday 19:00
  • 14.09.18 Friday 19:00
  • 21.09.18 Friday 19:00

Tickets for these public tours are available at the following booking offices:

  • Welcome Center, LTM – Lübeck Travemünde Marketing, 1 Holstentorplatz
  • Or by telephone on: 0451 - 596220

Please be advised that at least ten participants are required for a public tour to take place. When buying your tickets, please leave your name and mobile number so that on the day of the tour we can contact you (four hours at the latest before the start time) to let you know if it is going ahead.

approx. 1,5 hours
€ 12,00  per person
In German