Building Tours

Do you have a particular interest for one historical building in Lübeck's old town? Then you've come to the right place! We offer separate tours through, for example, one of the following attractions (and more upon request):


Lübeck's townhall, built between 1230 and 1308, has many rooms that have been preserved in their original styles. They represent various architectural styles from different eras. Where did the councilmen lay their cigars before they entered the assembly hall? Why is one entrance door of the courtroom much smaller than the others? And why are you constantly followed by inquiring eyes when you stroll through the halls and corridors of the Lübeck townhall? You'll receive the answers to these questions and many more on one of our townhall tours. You'll be enthralled!

St. Mary's Church

No other church in Lübeck has accompanied and helped shape the development and history of the Hanseatic city as intensely as St. Mary's Church. Located on the heighest point of the old town island, its two steeples tower over all other churches and buildings in Lübeck's old town. What do various chapels have to do with this church, and why does a small mouse play a very special role here? Step into a different time with one of these tours, and learn about what the war did to this beautiful city and church.

Hospital of the Holy Spirit

The Hospital of the Holy Spirit, built in 1286 on the Koberg, is one of the oldest existing social institutions in the world, and one of the most significant architectural structures in the city. On a tour through this building you'll learn how from the Middle Ages through to the 1970s the old, weak and poor of society were looked after here with great care.

  approx. 1 hours
  1 - 9 people, 95,00€ net per group
10 - 25 people, 110,00€ net per group

In a foreign language

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Other languages available (15€ net extra per tour):